Pakistan Embassy in Indonesia seeks postponement of Zulfiqar's execution

ISLAMABAD, July 27 (APP): Pakistan Embassy in Jakarta on
Wednesday approached the highest offices in Indonesia, seeking postponement of the execution of Zulfiqar Ali – a Pakistan citizen – and requesting a review of this trial.

“We expect a positive response from the Government of
Indonesia,” a statement received here from Pakistan Embassy in Jakarta said.

Zulfiqar Ali, who is facing execution in Indonesia after
being convicted of drug-related charges in a controversial
trial, has also filed for clemency.

“Government of Pakistan respects the Indonesian legal
system, however, we strongly believe that there is strong
evidence that the trial process was flawed. It did not
provide justice to Mr. Zulfiqar Ali,” the statement added.

The confession under torture cannot constitute the
basis for death penalty, the statement said, adding, in
Zulfiqar case, the prosecutor did not ask for capital
punishment and he was treated unfairly in this case.

“Even the principal accused Mr. Gurjit Singh retracted his allegations against Mr. Zulfiqar,” the statement added.

It said, the lacunas found in the trial of Mr. Zulfiqar convinced President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to order for an inquiry by a committee of Ministry of Law and Human Rights in 2010.

“Though report was not shared with us but we understand
from our sources that the report found Mr. Zulfiqar innocent
and recommended redressal measures,” the statement added.