ISLAMABAD, May 29 (APP):Pakistan on Friday allowed both national and foreign airlines to operate outbound international flights from its all major airports, except Gwadar and Turbat.
“As per decision of the government, the outbound international flights (scheduled, non-scheduled and charter flights) operation has been allowed with effect from 2359 hours tonight (Friday),” a spokesman for the Aviation Division said in a brief news release.
With exception of Gwadar and Turbat, he said, both national and foreign airlines would be allowed to operate from all international airports of the country.
He said Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for outbound international flights had already been issued, according to which “airlines will be required to follow the SOPs of the destination country. Additionally, disinfection of aircraft will be ensured and no congestion at airports shall be allowed.”
Meanwhile, in a separate press note the spokesman regretted that a section of media was reporting views differently from what had been stated in the news release.
“The press release covers only outbound flights from Pakistan to foreign destinations,” he said, clarifying “the airlines may fly to Pakistan without passengers (ferry flight). They may carry passengers from Pakistan to international destinations.”