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ISLAMABAD, Dec 8 (APP): Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas, Chaudhry Muhammad Barjees Tahir Tuesday said that dialogue between India and Pakistan could not be fruitful unless Kashmir issue was included in it.
Concluding discussion on the Kashmir Policy in the National Assembly, the federal minister stressed for early resolution of the issue to lead the region towards better and peaceful future.

He said that if referendum could be conducted in East Timore and South Sudan, why not in Kashmir to resolve it on permanent basis.The minister said that it was for the third time that Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz raised the issue at United Nations General Assembly, during past three years, to attract the attention of the world leaders towards this sensitive issue, which has put the whole region on risk as two nuclear powers were involved in it.

He said Pakistans stance on Kashmir was clear that participation of Kashmiris was imperative to make the talks on Kashmir issue result-oriented to resolve the issue peacefully.

Earlier, Major Tariq Iqbal said that Kashmir was the flashpoint and any escalation between the two nuclear powers could be disastrous for the region. He said that world leaders, particularly European Union and more specifically Britain must play their role in resolving this issue.

Earlier, while taking part in the discussion, Mehmood Khan Achakzai said that Kashmir was a sensitive issue of Pakistan foreign policy and urged for involving Kashmiris of both sides of Line of Control to resolve this issue.

He urged for taking advantage of the ongoing conference being held in Islamabad for building relations with India and Afghanistan, adding that without having working relations with these two neighbouring countries Pakistan could not move ahead.

Naeema Kishwar said that it was India that raised the issue at United Nations in 1947 and subsequently a resolution pleading for right to self-determination for Kashmiris was passed by this forum.

She said that unfortunately, this resolution was yet to be implemented. She said that it was the responsibility of the world leaders to help resolve this issue and urged the human rights organization to highlight the plight of Kashmiris.

Kiran Haider read out her poem on Kashmir, highlighting the plight of Kashmiris and the resolve of people of Pakistan and Kashmir to get the occupied land liberated from the clutches of the oppressor.

Shahjee Gul Afridi said that the Kashmir issue has become a problem for India itself, as it has been encouraging other minorities in India to start movements for freedom inside India.

Shakila Luqman, said that Kashmir was the oldest issues on the agenda of United Nations which should be resolved in accordance to the resolution passed by that forum.

Terming Kashmir as flashpoint, she said that the world leaders must play their role for its resolution.Meanwhile, the House was adjourned to meet again on Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.