Pak France cooperation in archaeology augments knowledge of ancient Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Nov 30 (APP): France and Pakistan have a long history of strong and continuous cooperation in the field of archaeology, dating back to the first field mission by a French archaeological team in 1958.
This was stated by Pakistan’s Ambassador in France while talking to Dr Aurore Didier, Head of French Archaeological Mission in the Indus Basin (MAFBI) who called on him at the Embassy of Pakistan, a message received here from Paris on Wednesday said.
The ambassador noted the important discoveries made by the French team in Balochistan and Sindh, which had greatly contributed to understanding of ancient culture and civilization in Pakistan.
Dr Aurore Didier said that NAFBI archaeological findings in Pakistan have brought significant data for better understanding the genesis and the technological development of centuries old Indus civilization and these data beared testimony to a very rich historical and cultural heritage of Pakistan.
Dr Didier also introduced three Pakistani M Phil/PhD students, who are currently on a study tour in Paris sponsored by the French government. They are learning new sophisticated archaeological and excavation techniques, study and management of archaeological collections from renowned French institutions.
The French archaeological mission in the Indus Basin was founded in 1958 and since then it has excavated major archaeological sites in Pakistan such as Amri in Sindh, Mehrgarh, Nindowari, Nausharo, Miri Qalat and Shahi Tump in Balochistan.
A special archaeological exhibition to work 60 years of MAFB is also being planned in the year, 2018.