Political parties to be again taken into confidence on CPEC: Bizenjo

ISLAMABAD, June 20 (APP): Minister for Ports and Shipping Mir Hasil
Khan Bizenjo on Monday said the opposition was not serious in reaching a conclusion on Terms of Reference (ToRs) for judicial commission to probe Panama Papers and accountability of the corrupt.

“We knew it from day one that the opposition was not serious on
ToRs. It was also validated from the comments of opposition leaders like Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Aitzaz Ahsan,” he said in a private news channel programme.

Bizenjo, who is also the government member in ToRs committee,
mentioned statements of both the opposition leaders and claimed
their attitude manifested that they were not serious. “After the meetings sometimes Shah Mahmood said that the matter was finished and dead, and the other moment Aitzaz said for them these meetings were just a formality.”

He said the government never stated that it does not want
accountability but wants it across the board. “We never said that the
Prime Minister’s family is not held accountable if their name comes
among those to be held accountable. But, what about others, why they
cannot be held accountable.”

The minister said the government had clearly asked the opposition to
mention as to where the laws of land were violated by the Prime Minister. “Did he or his family violate any law regarding BBR, money laundering or the bank laws.”

He said the approach of the government members in the ToRs was very
professional as it questioned as to which law was violated.

Bizenjo said the government was not shying away from accountability
but it was the matter of the seriousness of the opposition. They had
decided to take to roads and their aim was to defame the Prime Minister.

“It is not the matter to ToRs but the matter of intentions and their
intention is to agitate. We desire solution of the issue on table but
they are poised to agitation.”

Answering a question, the minister rejected comments of Chaudhry
Aitzaz Ahsan about including Hamoodur Rehman Commission Report and Osama Bin Laden issue in the ToRs and said the government did not talk of these issues.

“We have just stated that the Supreme Court can propose changes
to the law under which the government had sent the case to the apex
court, which had observed that the related law was toothless.”

He said it was the government’s desire to avoid agitation.

However, if anybody was adamant to agitate, then what could be done.
“If the opposition wants an amicable solution to the issue then why it
is talking of containers and agitation,” he questioned.