Shrieen Mazari
file photo

ISLAMABAD, Jan 23 (APP): Minister for Human Rights Dr: Shrieen M Mazari on Saturday said opposition would scream and shout when scale of their leaders’ money laundering and theft of nation’s resources was becoming public.

“Opposition will scream & shout because scale of their leaders money laundering & theft of nation’s resources is becoming public as is the role of abettors complicit in cover ups, faulty agreements & NROs, she tweeted.

She added that the inquiry would be completed and public would know about the final decision.

In a series of tweets, the Minister said opposition did not want a judge who might know too much about their loot and scams but it is right of the nation to be apprised with facts.

She said Pakistan suffered twice due to the corrupt leaders and their allies and now people wanted to know who looted their money.

“Getting Opposition’s approval for inquiry head is like a thief being asked to pick his own judge!”, she further said.