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ISLAMABAD, June 24 (APP): Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Talal
Chaudhry on Friday said opposition is afraid of Muslim League’s popularity and is trying to enter into alliance for the upcoming general elections.

“Panama Papers is not an issue for them. They are playing politics
on this issue. Actual issue is 2018 elections and the opposition is
trying to enter into an alliance as they know that no single party can defeat the PML-N,” he said in a PTV program.

He said the opposition is well aware that if Nawaz Sharif completes five years in government, masses will benefit from fruits of his policies and will vote again for him in 2018. “Opposition also desires to defame Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on non issues because they think that with present popularity of the PML-N, the opposition cannot win 2018

He said opposition was not serious in investigation of Panama Papers
rather they want to exploit it for agitation to divert attention of the people from the progress in the country.

Talal Chaudhry said the government desires solution of Panama issue
through the Parliament and it is also responsibility of other political
parties that this matter is resolved in the Parliament.

He said the government will put its Terms of Reference (ToRs)
before the people and it would be clear as whose draft was professional.

“It should be decided by the commission as to who should be summoned for investigation and not by the opposition. Opposition wants person specific accountability but the government wants across the board accountability,” he said.

Answering a question, he said, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) was not
standing with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf rather it was trying to
escape from its corruption as he mentioned to cases like Dr Asim,
Swiss accounts and Uzair Baloch. “This bargaining will do no good to

When asked about any adventure, he said, such an adventure will not
be against the PML-N but against the country. “Any extra-constitutional
act would harm national interests like war against terrorism and economic revival.”