Peace restored through effective strategy : Barjees Tahir

ISLAMABAD, Jul 20 (APP): Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs Chaudhary Barjees Tahir Wednesday said occupied Kashmir was a disputed territory and it was admitted by the Indian leadership in United Nations (UN).

Talking to a private TV channel, he said Burhan Wani was martyred in age of 22 and more than five lakh people attended his funeral prayer and India wanted to registered the case against all of them.

He said Indian forces had killed one lakh people and made widows more than thirty thousand women and one lakh children orphan but it could not stop the movement of Kashmiri people.

The minister said that Indian leadership actions are showing
that they have lost their mental order, adding that India could not stop Kashmiri people movement through its all of brutalities.

He said July 20 was considered as Black day for Kashmiris, adding that all political parties of Pakistan were united on Kashmir issue.

Pakistani from every segment of life organized rallies in
favor of Kashmiri people and prayed for them and their independence from Indian occupation, he said.

Barjees said Pakistan always supported the Kashmir movement by political, diplomatic and morale grounds.

International community should play its role for giving
Right of self determination to people of Occupied Kashmir, he

Replying to a question about Azad Jammu and Kashmir
elections, he said government and opposition should sit together regarding AJK election reforms.

Replying to another query, he said if PML-N come in to power in AJK then we would bring the amendments in Act of 1974, adding that PML-N was first time contesting the elections in AJK.

He said after winning the elections in AJK, vision of Prime
Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif would be promoted throughout the region.

Barjees said allegations of rigging in Gilgit-Baltistan
elections were baseless.

We had the option to move no confidence motion against AJK Prime Minister but PML-N given chance to PPP government to complete its term, he added.