ISLAMABAD, Oct 21 (APP): Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Pakistan Abdullah M. al-Zahrani called on National Security Adviser Lt Gen ® Nasser Khan Janjua here on Friday and discussed matters concerning regional security, stability and foreign relations.

The National Security Adviser highlighted and acknowledged the importance of Pakistan-Saudi relations.

He regarded Saudi Arabia as very important country for the Muslim world.

Abdullah also agreed that mutual ties of brotherhood between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were very strong and there was no doubt that Pakistan was a very important country for Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, National Security Adviser apprised the ambassador about recent Pakistan-Afghanistan situation.

He rejected the blame game by Afghan government and stressed that only a political solution could bring sustainable peace in Afghanistan.

He also informed the ambassador about the recent situation in Occupied Kashmir, where the use of force by Indian government had turned the situation worse.

By refusing to have dialogue, India was using false tactics to divert the world attention away from the core issue of Kashmir, he said adding Uri attack could be regarded as one such attempt.

The National Security Adviser also commented that sectarian faultlines were being fuelled to spoil the peace of Muslim world.

He stressed on the Muslim world to realize the situation and come out of it at the earliest and try to achieve peace through political process.

Saudi ambassador agreed and said that Saudi Arabia was a tolerant country and was ready to be a part of any peace effort through political means.