ISLAMABAD, May 31 (APP):Leader of the Jammu and Kashmir Youth Social Forum and in charge of Minority Cell, Angad singh Khalsa said according to the United Nations resolutions no unilateral step by India can change the Kashmir’s disputed status, in Indian Occupied Kashmir.
According to Kashmir Media Service, Angad singh Khalsa in a statement issued in Srinagar, reacting on Narinder Modi’s statement on abrogation of Article 370, said the Indian government’s decision to repeal Kashmir’s special status was against the UN resolutions.
He said it was a brazen display of dictatorship and ruthlessness wherein
10 million forces’ personnel deployed in the territory were snatching rights of
innocent Kashmiris, and the people of Kashmir would never accept it, he added.
Angad Singh Khalsa said it was battle of ideas which India had lost miserably
with its dictatorial behavior and it would never take control on sentiments and
aspirations of the Kashmir people.
He deplored that not only Kashmiris but all minorities of India including Sikhs,
Muslims, Dalits and Christians were victims of Modi’s Hindutva.

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