No one can separate Kashmir from Pakistan: Afridi

Afridi warns oppressed, maimed Kashmir to erupt anytime

ISLAMABAD, Jul 24 (APP):Chairman Parliament’s Special Committee on Kashmir Shehryar Khan Afridi has reiterated Pakistan’s unflinching moral, diplomatic and political support to Kashmiri people and vowed to expose fascism of Narendra Modi’s government at all international forums.
“Kashmir is our jugular vein. Kashmiris and Pakistanis are one nation and no one can separate Kashmir from Pakistan,” he said in an interview with APP.
“We would not allow to change the status of Kashmir at its own. Kashmir is a disputed territory and this issue must be resolved in accordance with the United Nations Security Council resolutions,” Afridi said.
He described the August 05, 2019 act of the Indian government that usurped fundamental rights of Kashmiri people as ‘inhuman, undemocratic and unlawful’ and lambasted fascist Modi government for grave human rights violation in Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK).
“The PTI government and the Parliament’s Kashmir Committee will continue to play their role in awakening the world conscience to untold atrocities in IOK,” the Chairman said.
The dawn of August 05, 2019 had brought in another era of torture, subjugation and usurpation of fundamental rights in Indian occupied Kashmir. It was the day of political betrayal, injustice and violation of human rights.
The RSS plagued Narendra Modi government had made the sham decision of annexing Occupied Kashmir by revoking article 35A and 370, shocking the saner segment within India and abroad.
“The Modi government had no legal justification to abrogate these articles. It was a political betrayal and the humanity has witnessed unprecedented atrocities in IOK after August, 5,” he said.
The Article 35A of the Indian Constitution allowed Kashmiri people special benefits related to employment, scholarships and other privileges. The biggest advantage for permanent residents was that only they had the right to own and buy property in the state.
Everyone had a sense of injustice and disillusionment except fascist Modi. It was a political holocaust inflicted on innocent people in sheer violation of international law.
“India had violated United Nations Security Council resolutions on Kashmir. Its act was illegal and unlawful. India sent a loud and clear message to international community that it was least bothered to fulfill commitment made to UNSC,” Afridi remarked.
He said all the political parties and stakeholders were on same page on the Kashmir issue and Prime Minister Imran khan by becoming the ambassador of Kashmiris had raised this issue at every international forum.
“The Prime Minister and the Pakistani nation are committed to Kashmiri people and continue making the world believe that Kashmir issue must be resolved through implementation of the UNSC resolutions,” he stated.
Afridi said the world perception was now changing due to sincere efforts of Pakistan and it is high time for them to come forward and rescue Kashmiri from Indian yoke.
Although, the recent United Nations report had been blamed of human rights violations, yet the world community needed to exert pressure on India to give Kashmiris their due right to self-determination.
He said August 05, was yet another darkest day in the history of Kashmir. It ushered in a new era of subjugation and atrocities.
“Military siege of IOK had made lives of people miserable and the world community can no more be oblivious to this situation. The world nations must come forward to settle this issue once and for all,” Afridi added.

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