ISLAMABAD, Dec 9 (APP): Parliamentary Secretary for Petroleum and Natural Resources Shahzadi Umerzadi Tiwana Wednesday informed the National Assembly that there was no natural gas supply curtailment in the country except the Punjab province.
During the question-hour, she said if there were any complaints about interruption in the supply in any part of the country other than the Punjab province ‘We will take action promptly’.

To a question, she admitted that there were problems of low gas pressure in different areas of Rawalpindi, adding that the government was making concerted efforts to rectify them.The low pressure complaints received particularly during winter season are due to huge gap between demand and supply of natural gas.

Tiwana said main reason behind the low gas pressure was the increased number of housing colonies and societies with the passage of time in the garrison city.”There is need to improve the existing supply lines, for which Rs 8.7 million have been allocated and the work is in progress.

She said Sui Sourthern Gas Pipelines Company had undertaken system sugemtnation, looping of line, re-drilling of services tee, establishment of emergency teams to resolve low pressure complaints.Operational eams are working round the clock for this particulary activity.

The parliamentary secretary said there was gas shortage in the country and required measures were being taken to overcome it, adding that Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) was being imported, and practical work on Turkmenistan, Afghanisan, Pakistan and India was going to start in a few days.