APP24-02 ISLAMABAD: July 02 Β– Minister of State for Water and Power Ch. Abid Sher Ali talking to media persons during reception hosted in honour of members Overseas Pakistanis Advisory Council by Chairman OPF Board of Governors Barrister Amjad Malik. APP photo by Javed Qureshi

ISLAMABAD, July 2 (APP): State Minister for Water and
Power Abid Sher Ali has said conspiracies against PML-N would
definitely be foiled since its opponents miserably failed to
bring evidence of corruption against it even in their tenures
of more than 14 years.
“Pervez Musharraf in his tenure of nine years and PPPP
government in five years, could not produce evidences of corruption
against leadership of PML-N as they tried it through the then NAB
and other government organizations. Our leadership is very much
clean and conspiracies against it, would be foiled,” Abid Sher
Ali said while talking to mediapersons here on Sunday.
He said that family of OML-N leadership is being called
on their business matters and it is unacceptable to link business
activities with corruption in an unjustified manner.
The State Minister criticized the head of Awami Muslim
League Sheikh Rahseed Ahmed and said he and PTI leaders portray
themselves as the ‘spokespersons’ of the inquiry team.
He called for taking suo motu notice of Sheikh Rasheed’s
statement who talks about interim set-up within next 10 days. A
persons, ousted from three various parties, is busy in staging
drama and he should be asked to whom he is representing, he
Abid Sher Ali said that Nawaz Sharif did sacrifice for
the supremacy of judiciary and expressed the optimism that
PML-N political leadership would succeed in the next elections
with the support of nation.
The State Minister said that economy of Pakistan is
getting strengthened under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif
who also demonstrated political wisdom and prudence by
giving opportunities to others to form government in
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan despite good strength
of PML-N in these provinces.
” We are not afraid of any crisis because of support
of nation which is witnessing the entire situation. We will
also foil the designs of those in next elections who are
trying to sideline us,” he said.
The State Minister said majority of PML-N is very
much clear in the upcoming Senate elections in 2018 and
conspiracies are being hatched against the party having
Abid Sher Ali said that PML-N fully believed in
the dignity and respect of the institutions.
He said: “We are ready to face anything in case
of evidence against us but would not allow to take
revenge by indulging us on non-issues.”.
“No body asks from Musharraf who is leading a
luxurious life and JIT should be constituted against
those who damaged national interests for the sake of
their own benefits like Monis Elahi and Dr. Asim,”
he added.
He said state institutions are apparently being
weakened by external forces, opposed to CPEC and emerging
economy of Pakistan and vowed that their designs would
be ultimately foiled with national unity and cohesion.

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