ISLAMABAD, Oct 27 (APP): Hanif Abbasi, Chairman of Rawalpindi Metro Bus
Service on Tuesday said no crack or structural problem appeared on the track
of Metro Bus in wake of 8.1 magnitudes earthquake.
Addressing a press conference, he said, around 40 tonne best quality
steel bar was used in each pillar of bridges and a good quality material was
used in contruction of metro tgrack. “Not even a single glass used at bus stations was broken.”He said the operation of Metro Bus continued uninterrupted after the
earthquake because no problem had surfaced. Moreover, the contractor of the metro bus project was bound to repair the track or bus stations
till two years.Abbasi added that after the earthquake, Nespak and other concerned
authorities inspected the track and provided a satisfactory report at 11 pm
Monday. Abbasi claimed that government has saved Rs 2 billion in the metro bus
project and termed it a blessing for people because more than 120,000
passengers’ travel on Metro Bus daily.
He said it was only economical source of travelling for middle and
lower middle class of the twin cities especially the female.
Answering a question on the issue of drainage, he said around 485
pipes were missing on the track but now only 32 pipes are left and it would be completed in the first week of November.
It was the first big project in the history of Pakistan which was
completed in record period of 14 months, he added.