ISLAMABAD, Aug 8 (APP): Federal Minister for Finance Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar was informed by Afghan ambassador to Pakistan that there is no ban on holding Pakistani currency in Afghanistan and that it is freely convertible.
The Federal Minister had a telephonic conversation with Afghan Ambassador Dr. Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal on Monday, said a statement issued here by the ministry.
Among other matters, they discussed the recent reports of ban on the holding of Pakistani currency in Afghanistan.
Zakhilwal stated that the situation is not as reported and there is no ban on holding Pakistani currency and that it is freely convertible.
Subsequent to the telephonic conversation, the Afghan ambassador issued a statement in which he stated that “For clarification, as per our Central Bank’s Law, regular transactions in all foreign currencies, except our own currency – the Afghani, are not allowed; it is now more strictly enforced”.
“However, no foreign currency without exception is disallowed to be freely convertible in our Money Exchange Markets anywhere in our country,” he added.
Ambassador further said, “this is essentially the same practice in every other country and certain media reports with a particular different portrayal are therefore misleading.”
The Finance Minister has appreciated the clarification and expressed hope that it will facilitate the business activity between the two countries.