ISLAMABAD, Nov 17 (APP): Minister for Interior Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said the government of Pakistan had reservations over the issue of Altaf Hussain.
This he said while talking to Lord Nazir Ahmed who called on him in London, says a press release.
Talking to Lord Nazir Ahmed, the minister said the British government had legal and moral responsibility to bring to justice those perpetrators who had murdered a Pakistani national on British soil.
Discussing matters concerning Pakistan community in United Kingdom, the Interior Minister said Pakistani expatriates were an asset for the country and every effort would be made to address their issues on priority basis.
Lord Nazir Ahmed appreciated personal efforts of the Interior Minister in addressing issues concerning Pakistani community.
Separately, Bradford West Member of Parliament Naz Shah also met with Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan at the High Commission for Pakistan, London.
Naz thanked the minister for his personal commitment to the investigation into the murder of British national Samia Shahid.
Naz Shah also commended work of the investigative team in particular DIG Baksh whom the minister appointed personally to oversee the case which led to numerous arrests including that of a senior police officer.
The minister thanked MP Naz for the commitment she had shown in relation to this case and women’s rights.
He said, “As I have said previously, the government of Pakistan is committed to bringing to justice those who committed this heinous crime, furthermore we thank Naz for her continued efforts in relation to the murder of her constituent.”
Following the meeting Naz said, “I am confident with the continued commitment shown, that we will get justice for Samia Shahid.”