NH&MP to ensure safe transportation of vehicles

NH&MP to ensure safe transportation of vehicles
ISLAMABAD, Feb 15 (APP):The National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) wants to ensure safe transportation of vehicles carrying flammable and hazardous materials on Motorways and Highways.
In this regard, a meeting chaired by Inspector General Salman Chaudhry was held at the Central Police Office of NH&MP.
The various stakeholders, including representatives from OGRA, Senior Executive Director (Enforcement) Sohail Ahmad Tariq and Senior Executive Director (LPG) Sarmad Aslam, from Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division) Director Aftab Qazi and Director Samad Khan of Explosive Department, Consultant Scientist Dr. Omer Quershi, DIG Saad Akhtar Bharwana and AIG Syed Muhammad Bilal from NH&MP were present in the meeting.
Key issues related to the safe transportation of these vehicles were discussed, and IG Salman Chaudhry highlighted the importance of a comprehensive policy in this regard. Ensuring the safety of patrolling officers and commuters was emphasized in the meeting, with plans for training programs and the provision of necessary safety equipments.
Cooperation among stakeholders was deemed essential for ensuring the safe movement of such vehicles across the country.
It was agreed in the meeting that sharing information of such vehicles along with crew members to the Motorway Police would help enforce traffic rules and regulations effectively on motorways and highways.
The participants commended the efforts of NH&MP in enhancing commuter safety on motorways and highways. Salman Chaudhry reiterated the commitment of NHMP to prioritize the safety of both commuters and patrolling officers.
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