ISLAMABAD, Jan 1 (APP):Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Syed Zulfikar Abbas Bukhari on Tuesday said that expats-friendly initiatives for overseas Pakistanis
would be hallmark of new year.
Extending felicitation to the Pakistani Diaspora on new year, he said : “This year will bring more good news for the overseas Pakistanis (OPs)”.
Talking to APP, he stressed Pakistani expatriates to play proactive role in national development process in the new year.

Bukhari said ‘2018’ was ‘the year of change’ while the new year would require more hard work
to achieve economic progress and prosperity.
Highlighting the new initiatives being taken in the new year, the Special Assistant informed
that they were planning to establish fast-track courts to ensure expeditious disposal of specific
cases pertaining to overseas Pakistanis’ properties, being grabbed by the land mafias here. The
initiative would hopefully encourage them to invest in the country’s real estate sector, he
He said they were also introducing ‘Digital Challenger Bank’ to ensure optimum incentive for
overseas Pakistanis to use formal legal channels to send their money to their families and relatives
in Pakistan.
The challenger bank was aimed at making banking channels cost-effective and hassle-free for
Pakistani expatriates to discourage the illegal means of transferring money like the Hundi system
which was the main impediment for economic development and progress.
Bukhari revealed that he would also have few foreign visits to ensure specific arrangements for
extradition of the OPs languishing in the foreign jails for petty crimes.
Under the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF), they would bring about reforms in
housing-schooling related institutions he said and added that ‘Model Schooling System’ would be
employed in the OPF schools by revamping its archaic educational structure.
He said resolution of problems being faced by Pakistanis in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and
Bahrain will be the top priority.