Pervaiz Rashid condoles with Altaf Qureshi

ISLAMABAD, July 17 (APP): Minister for Information,
Broadcasting and National Heritage Senator Pervaiz Rashid
Sunday said Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif would go to the public in 2018 on the basis of his performance whereas Imran Khan would have nothing but a baggage of conspiracies and nefarious designs.

The minister, in a statement, said the Pakistan Muslim
League-N government firmly believed in serving the masses and would succeed in 2018 general elections on the basis of its performance.

On the other hand, he said, Pakistan Tahreek-i-Insaf
chief Imran Khan would be looking for undemocratic forces.

He said Imran was wailing over the pro-democratic
passion of the Pakistani nation. He had been appealing to
the people for 126 days to join his ‘dharna’ (sit-in), but
the people supported the democratic system, he added.

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Pervaiz Rashid said the undemocratic forces appeared in
the guise of Imran Khan. If the PTI chief had worked
hard for his political party contrary to his undemocratic
tendencies, it would have been a different story.

He expressed his wonder over Imran Khan’s postures and
asked him why he had been worrying over failure of a coup in Turkey.

The minister further told the PTI chief that power could
not be gained through back-door politics, but in the
democratic system, one had to serve the public instead of
enjoying an extravagant life-style at Bani Gala.