PML-N president accepts resignation of Ismail Rahu

ISLAMABAD July 21 (APP): Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Syed Asif Kirmani on Thursday said Nawaz Sharif believes in genuine democracy wherein the voters decide the future of political parties by holding them accountable in elections.

“PML N could have brought no confidence against the PPP government in AJK but the Prime Minister as per policy decided not to disturb them and let them complete their tenure in the government,” he said talking to PTV.

He said the after 2013 general elections, the PML N could have also maneuvered to form governments in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan but the Prime Minister decided that the majority parties should form the governments in respective provinces.

“The Prime Minister has firm belief in true democratic norms and values. If PML N had de seated the PPP government in AJK they might have claimed that they were not allowed to complete the tenure,” he said. “Moreover, the masses could have also not known well about their corruption and incompetency.”

He said it is policy and belief of the PML N that accountability of political parties or the governments must be left to voters who may better judge the governments in general elections on completion of their tenures.

He said when the suggestion of no confidence was brought to the notice of Nawaz Sharif, he had rejected it by saying that the elected government in AJK must be given ample time to deliver and the decision be left to voters in the upcoming election.