ISLAMABAD, July 29 (APP): The Parliamentary Party of the
Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Saturday nominated Punjab Chief
Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif as the candidate for the prime
ministerial slot after the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif.
During the meeting held at Punjab House here, former Premier
Nawaz Sharif put forward the proposal recommending Shahbaz Sharif
for the slot of the prime minister and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi as an
interim prime minister until Shahbaz Sharif is elected as Member of
the National Assembly.
Addressing the Parliamentary Party meeting of the PML-N, he
said as Shahbaz Sharif will have to contest the National Assembly
election that would take around 50 to 55 days; thus Shahid Khaqan
Abbasi would hold the office for transitional period.
The parliamentary party unanimously supported the proposal
presented by Nawaz Sharif.
“As I told both the nominees of my decision, they became
emotional. However, I am thankful to Shahbaz Sharif and Shahid
Khaqan Abbasi for accepting my proposal,” he said addressing the
Nawaz Sharif also prayed for success of his successors as
well as for progress and prosperity of the country.
He said he was proud of not being sentenced in corruption
case and that there had been no such scar on him during all of
the tenures.
“I still do not understand the grounds for my dismissal. I am
only content that I was not disqualified on the grounds of alleged
corruption,” he said.
He said PML-N members should be proud of their leadership
as he had matchless character.
On Iqama issue, he said he was just a ceremonial head of
his son’s company and never drew any salary. He accepted the
post merely to avoid the visa glitches for frequent travel
to UK.
“When I never took a salary, what would I declare,” he
He said Sharif family endured accountability during
the last three generations, commencing from 1972 even before
he joined the politics.
He questioned as why Sharif family was singled out to
be held accountable.
Regarding the suggestions, that Nawaz Sharif should
have resigned earlier, he said he could have done so if
he had committed any wrong.
Recalling toppling of his government by Pervez Musharraf
in 1999, he said, “On one day, I was the prime minister while
the very next day, I was declared a hijacker.”
“In the case, I was also awarded sentence of 27 years
imprisonment and seven years in the helicopter case,” he
He said the days of forced exile was a tough time for
him and his family.
Nawaz Sharif said one day, the people would come to
know as why their prime minister was disqualified.
“I am proud that I was not disqualified on charges of
corruption, embezzlement of public money or taking kickbacks”
he said.
Nawaz Sharif told the meeting that he was a regular
tax-payer, giving even more than others.
In an apparent reference to PTI, he said unfortunately
Dharna (sit-in)-I, Dharna-II and Islamabad lockdown and Panama
Papers had wasted a lot of country’s time.
Former prime minister said he had made the defence country
impregnable. However, such an attitude towards a thrice-elected
prime minister, was regrettable.
“The history will adjudge this that whether it was in
Pakistan’s interest or against it,” he remarked.
He said he had turned down the offer of $ 5 billion by
that time US president for not conducting nuclear tests.
He said the Chinese investment worth $56 billion under
China Pakistan Economic Corridor was unprecedented.
He told the audience that Chinese President Xi Jinping
had addressed him saying : “Mr Prime Minister, this is a gift
for you from China.”
He said he wanted to take all political forces onboard
for the progress, prosperity and development of the country
as one party could not steer the country out of crisis alone.
Nawaz Sharif said it was unfortunate that no prime
minister in the country had completed the constitutional
Nawaz Sharif said the countries could not be run in
such a way and if it continued for long, it could face some
untoward situation.
“I am saying this from core of my heart. I am thinking
beyond my own interests. I am concerned about Pakistan, not
my own”.
Nawaz Sharif said the PML-N rendered great sacrifices for the
cause of democracy and would continue the spirit.
“The country can only progress with rule of law. I am standing
steadfast with my people and will defend the country’s law and
constitution at every cost. We will move forward hand in hand,” he
He said he had desired to put the country on right track and
vowed to continue the struggle without letting it go waste.
Nawaz Sharif said he had no lust for power but agreed to
become Prime Minister after 2013 election on friends insistence.
Commenting on achievements of his tenure as the PM, he said
load-shedding had been overcome to maximum extent, fought
effectively against terrorism, restored peace in Karachi and brought
Balochistan in the national mainstream.
The PML-N government improved state of hospitals, issued
health cards for needy, established colleges and universities,
completed the Lowari Tunnel which was pending since 1974.
Besides, it provided billions of rupees for developing road
infrastructure across the country and increased Gilgit-Baltistan
development budget from Rs 8 billion to Rs 20 billion, in addition
to ongoing development projects worth Rs 102 billion, increased Azad
Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) development budget from Rs 11 billion to 22
billion, constructing Hazara Motorway, made Mirpur-Muzaffarabad part
of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).
“Development is our mission. We wanted to move forward in line
with the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama
Muhammad Iqbal,” he said.
“The PML-N respected mandate of political parties in Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh. And everyone is witnessed to the so-called
Naya Pakistan created by PTI,” he said.
Nawaz Sharif said contrary to previous trends, he bade
farewell to President Asif Ali Zardari on completion of his term.
He said the PML-N wanted to move forward the country’s affairs
with national reconciliation as it always exhibited greater
patience, but “Instead of getting acknowledgment of our national
services, we meted out the behaviour we do not deserve. The attitude
kept towards us is an insult to 200 million people, which we never

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