Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar

LAHORE, Dec 29 (APP): Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said on Tuesday the nation had not forgotten the era of mega corruption and plunder when manor houses were built at the expense of hard-earned money of the people by the past rulers.

In a statement, the CM stressed that those who enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle at the expense of taxpayers’ money were not leaders but looters. The opposition’s sinister campaign against national institutions was a deep-rooted conspiracy however its perfidious narrative has met its logical end. Meanwhile, the anti-government drive has
no worth, he continued.

The CM emphasised that respect of institutions was binding on all as these were the pride pillars of the State. Meanwhile, the government was working hard to wriggle the country out of the quagmire of the crisis and special attention was paid to provide necessary facilities to the citizens, he held.

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The government was working hard to bring improvement in the lives of the people and the country has moved forward due to the holistic institutional reforms, he said.

Nothing was more important than public welfare, he further said and regretted that the past governments had ignored the problems of the people adding that the incumbent PTI-led government took solid steps to improve the national economy.

The past rulers did nothing for the public, in their respective tenures, and opposition had no agenda other than the protection of looted money, he maintained and regretted the country was left behind due to the menace of corruption.

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Those who looted the kitty had no right to speak about the people, he insisted.

The country would have not indebted, had there been no corruption in the past, remarked the CM and stressed the looters will have to be answerable for their deeds.

Elimination of corruption, loot and nepotism was crucial for the development of the country.

The CM said the journey of public service will be continued by the PTI as the decisions taken in the larger interest of the country have started yielding positive.