Nation holds its martyrs, ghazis in high esteem; profoundly indebted for ultimate sacrifices: Minister

Interim defence minister pakistan
ISLAMABAD, Sep 6 (APP):Caretaker Minister for Defence, Lieutenant General (R) Anwar Ali Hyder, on the eve of Defence and Martyrs’ Day Wednesday, said: “We hold our Shuhudas and Ghazis in high esteem and are profoundly indebted to them for offering the ultimate sacrifice and thwarting the nefarious designs of the enemy.”
In his message on the occasion of National Defence and Martyrs’ Day, the Defence Minister termed September 6 as a milestone in the annals of national history.
Hyder said it reminded the entire nation of the indomitable courage and unparalleled sacrifices rendered by our Armed Forces for the defence of our motherland.
“Pakistan is a responsible state with an impregnable defence. Over the years, Pakistan’s defence capability has evolved substantially and Alhamdolillah, the country has made significant strides toward self-reliance in the field of defence. The entire nation and government of Pakistan commend the sacrifices, professionalism, and grit of our Armed Forces,” he added.
The minister further said Pakistan would continue to promote peace in the world. “Pakistan will, Insha Allah, soon rise above all challenges, as always, our Armed Forces, with their valour and bravery, will continue to defend every inch of our sacred land,” he added.
He urged the nation to renew its pledge on this historic day to remain united, vigilant, and ready for the defence of our beloved country at all costs. “May Allah give us the courage and strength to live up to the expectations of our valiant nation, Aameen. Pakistan Armed Forces Zindabad Pakistan Paindabad,” he ended.
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