Musadik terms Imran Khan as agent of inimical forces

ISLAMABAD, Aug 2 (APP): Minister of State for Petroleum Division Musadik Masood Malik on Tuesday said former prime minister Imran Khan who availed prohibited funding from foreign companies was the agent [spy] of inimical forces in the country.

Addressing a press conference, he said it was a significant development and every political party should be taken on board to understand the politics in the country and unearth the reality behind the decade long politics of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

The minister raised the three-core agenda items pertaining to the long chanted narrative of agent and plunderer of national wealth by the PTI, the issue of dishonest and untrustworthy political leadership and misappropriations by PTI chief Imran Khan.

He added that the PTI leadership accused the Pakistan Democratic Alliance member parties particularly Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) leadership as thieves and spies of enemy states, looters, dishonest and untrustworthy.

Malik observed Imran Khan was the “agent” who took money from Versha Luthra, Romita Shetty, Lisa S Balita, Charles Henz, Laresa and others.

“Where are they from? Do they live in Sahiwal or any other city of Punjab or Peshawar?” he queried the PTI leadership.

He lambasted the former prime minister by waving a piece of paper (cypher) before the nation which he neither made public nor shared with anybody.

Musadik said, “On the floor of the House, it was said that Article 5 is to be imposed on the opposition parties as they have no right to vote. This man (Imran) who is taking funds from Romita Shetty is terming us agents and tried to impose Article 5 on us.”

He questioned that who was Charan Jeet Sindh and which district of Punjab he belonged to? You have been using his money to run your political party. No one has any answer to these questions. There is only sloganeering. I will like to ask you [Imran Khan] now who is agent.”

The minister also pointed out that it should be clarified that who was imported in the country. Imran Khan received funding from 350 foreign companies, adding, “The law of Pakistan says no one can take money from foreign companies, country, political party for his party. And his or her party can be dissolved for taking money from foreign resources. Is the man taking funds from 350 companies an agent or we?”

As per the law, he added that no one could accept money from foreign country or its cabinet members but Imran Khan got two million pounds.

He underlined that two mega economic scandals were made in the history of the country. The first one was of $250 million by Malik Riaz in Bahria Town, which was as per the Cabinet signed paper and as per Pakistani representative in UK who signed the document in the British court; the amount was gifted to Malik Riaz which was one fourth of the IMF bail out and were deposited in his account. “It was given in lieu off 400 kanals land which was registered in the name of Imran Khan and his wife.”

The second case related to the Abraaj Group’s founder and CEO Arif Masood Naqvi who would be sentenced 290 years imprisonment in the UK for money laundering. “Imran Khan made a deal for two million dollars with Naqvi through the cricket club made for money laundering which was claimed as a paid facility for the people”.

Imran Khan during his regime waived off Rs 250 billion investment to be made by
K-Electric in Dattang Coal Project which would have benefited Karachiites, he said, adding, “Asad Umar dictated the decision in CCOE and the members present on the occasion resisted to circumvent the decision as K-Electric has to do the investment pledged 20 years back. The Dattang project was in its final stages and the Rs 250 billion investment was turned down for just 2-3 billion pounds.”

The ECP, he said, had clarified that Imran Khan signed his party papers under oath that were declared as erroneous documents.

He said former prime minister Nawaz Sharif was declared dishonest by the court as he was on the board of directors of his son’s company and also entitled to withdraw his salary which he did not declare that’s why he was not honest and trustworthy.