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ISLAMABAD, Jan 11 (APP): Minister for Communications Murad Saeed has requested the National Assembly Speaker and Senate Chairman for convening a special session of the Parliament for formulating a comprehensive strategy to deal with the nefarious Indian designs.

The minister, in a letter, said Pakistan was an important member of the Muslim Ummah and the United Nations, and was playing a significant role in promoting peace and harmony in South Asia.

He said Modi-led Indian government was using all its resources to destabilize Pakistan.
It had started a new campaign against Pakistan under the umbrella of fake NGOs, which were issuing false statements and patronising so-called intellectuals.

The minister said Europe’s Disinfolab had fully exposed India’s conspiracies against Pakistan. The most worrying aspect of its report is the under-hand assistance India is receiving from amongst us, he added.

He claimed that the enemy had the support of a group of parliamentarians, political parties, media outlets and educational institutions, which was a serious threat for the nation.

Murad Saeed said Prime Minister Imran Khan had exposed the ugly face of India at international forums. Pakistan had not only exposed Indians conspiracies but also thwarted them successfully.

He urged for convening special session of the Parliament in that regard.