Much awaited Emigration Policy in final phase: OP&HRD Ministry

Much awaited Emigration Policy in final phase: OP&HRD Ministry
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ISLAMABAD, Nov 18 (APP): National Emigration and Welfare Policy for Overseas Pakistanis is in its final phase and would soon be submitted to the Federal Cabinet for approval, an official of the OP&HRD disclosed on Wednesday.

He said the policy draft had been shared with other relevant authorities for their input after it was approved by the National Assembly Standing Committee on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development (OP&HRD).

The policy envisions promotion of safe, orderly and regular export of manpower to the other countries, improved welfare services for expats and engagement of Pakistani diaspora in the national development, said a copy of the policy draft which is available with APP.

The policy entails action plan and policy response, which were evolved after identifying key challenges in promoting the emigration and regulating the welfare process for expats, in addition to the engagement of overseas Pakistanis in the country development.

The draft was formed after constituting five thematic working groups and conducting series of workshops and series of meeting with all stakeholders.

Under the policy, multiple initiatives would be taken for promotion of manpower including improvement in the Emigration Ordinance and Rules 1979 and overseas employment Memoranda of Understanding with foreign countries, establishment of labour market research cell, skill development of youth and female emigration promotion.

For welfare of overseas Pakistanis, policy response involved a comprehensive mechanism for addressing overseas complaints, provision of social protection to all the emigrants, improvement in counselor services in Pakistan Missions abroad and provision of legal assistance and appointment of focal persons in every district administration.

Under the policy, a strategy would be developed for engaging Pakistani diaspora to ensure their participation in the national development, in addition to maintenance of data in collaboration with all the stake holders for reintegration of returnee emigrants.

The policy also contained an action plan which included communication strategy, constitution of a committee to monitor implementation of the policy and others.

The draft of policy noted that about 8.6 million overseas Pakistanis are living across the globe and more than 11 million Pakistani workers have been sent abroad for various assignments since 1971 through Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment (BE&OE).

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