Molaw approves 11 development projects worth Rs 7780 million in two years

The Ministry of Law and Justice

ISLAMABAD, Aug 18 (APP): The Ministry of Law and Justice (Molaw) had approved a total of 11 development projects with the cost of Rs7780.69 millions during last two years of the incumbent government.

According to a two year performance report released here, the projects include the construction of Session Division (East and West) at G-11/4 with the cost of Rs3,000 millions, construction of Camp Office for Federal Shariat Court Peshawar worth Rs 220.90, construction of Supreme Court of Pakistan Branch Registry Building at Karachi worth Rs 4200 was also approved.

Establishment of video link facility between Supreme Court of Pakistan and provincial branches registries worth Rs16 millions and Strengthening of Planning and Monitoring Unit in Ministry of land and Justice with cost of Rs116 million was also approved.

Similarly, Up-gradation and expansion of data center of Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman)’s secretariat worth Rs 58 million, Replacement of passenger lift and provision of diesel generating set at Supreme Court Branch Registry Office Karachi worth Rs 30.06 millions, Installation of Solar Energy System at Supreme Court Branch Registry Office Karachi 14.04, Replacement of existing no passenger lift at Supreme Court building Islamabad Rs17.49 millions, implementation of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) system in Islamabad Rs9.32 millions and archiving and digitalization of legislation and record of Ministry of Law and Justice with the cost of Rs98.34 millions were included in the approved projects