MoHR spends Rs 20 mln in year 2019-2020 on awareness campaign about human rights

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ISLAMABAD, Jul 12 (APP):Ministry of Human Rights (Mohr) has spended Rs 20 million on Human Rights Awareness Campaigns in year 2019-2020, aiming to increase people’s understanding about their rights enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan.

According to an official, total allocations for the awarness project was Rs 55 million.

He said the awareness campaigns were launched to sensitize rural and urban communities for behavioral change towards certain human rights issues particularly gender based violence; and to develop a communication strategy to address issues particularly violence against women, women’s inheritance rights, child abuse, transgenders and minorities’ rights etc.

He further said the campaigns helped to promote tolerance and respect for human rights and inter-faith harmony to combat religious intolerance for a peaceful society.

He said the Ministry of Human Rights always tried to promote peace for the protection and promotion of human rights.

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