MoHR portal to help learning rights
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ISLAMABAD, Feb 02 (APP): The Ministry of Human Rights portal would enable users to learn about their rights guaranteed to them in the Constitution as well as federal and provincial legislation, said an official of MoHR here on Tuesday.

The portal will serve as a platform for creating awareness about human rights laws, practices and gaps.

He said that the portal would facilitate the development of new initiatives, research, policies and solutions in the field of human rights in Pakistan.

“It will include comprehensive material on Pakistan’s domestic institutional human rights framework and international commitments the relevant reports and publications that have been published by the government, civil society organizations and UN agencies on critical human rights issues”, he added.

Laws are categorized according to provinces as well as thematic areas including Civil, Political and Economic Rights; Child’s Rights; Women’s Rights; and Rights of Minorities.

In the portal , Information is also available on various institutions and bodies designed to promote and protect human rights at the federal and provincial level; including legislative bodies, human rights committees, provincial human rights departments, and statutory bodies,he remarked.

The official further said said that comprehensive training resources and materials will also be available on the portal for the benefit of human rights practitioners and personnel.

The training resources cover a range of topics such as Pakistan’s International Human Rights Obligations and Human Rights Data Collection and Documentation.