Ministry to execute many environmental quality control measures

Ministry of climate change

ISLAMABAD, June 21 (APP): Ministry of climate change has
planned number of Environmental Quality Control Measures to be
executed in the fiscal year 2017-18 for ensuring better
environment and introducing latest technology in the country.
The major Environmental Quality Control Measures included
Level of suspended particulate matter PM 1.0 and PM 2.5 shall be
brought within limits of Ambient Air Quality Standards. Provincial
Governments will develop and implement Clean Air Programme for
their major cities, an official source told APP.
He said, all industrial facilities shall be well-designed,
well installed, efficiently operated and maintained air cleaning
devices and Haze and smog formation will be curtailed by tapping
sources of ammonia, nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides emission.
Air quality of all major cities shall continuously be
monitored and disseminated to general public.
The fresh water sources will be categorized and protected against
pollution, he added.
It is informed that, in all major cities, sewage
treatment plants will be installed.
The treated water will be used for agriculture
and horticulture purposes. Cleaner Production techniques will be
adopted by industry to minimize pollution generation.
Federal and Provincial Governments will ensure that at least 70 percent
industrial wastewater be treated by 2025 before discharge into
water bodies.
Wastewater Discharge limits shall be imposed on industry to
conserve water and reduce pollution load.Provincial Cleaner
Production Centers will be established to promote water
minimization, recycling and waste exchange.
Investment windows and incentive schemes shall be announced to
encourage installation of treatment plants to achieve the
environmental targets.