ISLAMABAD, Dec 1 (APP): The ministry for Federal Education and Professional Training (FEPT) has initiated 13 new development projects at a cost of Rs. 13.48 billion in fiscal year 2013-15.
The amount included Rs. 1.067 billion for 113 PhD scholarships and 259 short term trainings for Human Resource Development, official sources informed here on Tuesday.
Giving province vise details they told APP that 55 PhD scholarships and 24 trainings were approved for Punjab followed by 33 scholarship awards for Khaber Pakhtunkhwa.
10 awards were given to Sindh with 10 trainings, Balochistan nine scholarships with 225 trainings while four and two scholarships were given to Federal Capital and Gilgit Baltistan respectively.They informed that for the financial year 2013-14, federal Government
allocated an amount of Rs. 39.000 billion to Higher Education Commission on account of annual recurring grant to public sector universities and for National Research programs.
Out of the total allocation, Rs. 32.435 billion were allocated
as annual recurring grant to all the public sector Universities/Higher
Education Institutions (HEls) and Rs. 6.565 billion for National Research or other Programmes.
The province wise allocation of annual recruitment grant for Fiscal
Year 2013-14 indicated that in Punjab 11,483.817 million allocated, Sindh 8,348.770 million, KPK 5,119.049 million, Balochistan 1,440.900 million, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan 974.864 million and Rs. 5,067.500 million for Federal area.