ISLAMABAD, Jun 20 (APP): The second round of consultative
meeting for formulation of National Counter Extremism Policy was
held here on Monday.

The consultative process by stakeholders has been initiated in
pursuance of approval by Minister for Interior Ch. Nisar Ali Khan.

The meeting was attended by prominent personalities of
political leadership from major political parties, senators and
members of National Assembly.

Moreover, various think tanks, social society, human rights
activists, CSOs and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) were also
among the participants, said a press release.

The response and input from all the participants was encouraging and valuable to feed into first National Counter Extremism Conference proposed to be held in near future.

Discussions focussed upon six themes vis building community
resilience, internet and cyber space radicalization, cultural
revival, religious education, rehabilitation and reintegration
from prisons and exit environment.

The participants agreed upon necessity of simultaneous focus
on soft measures which was essential to sustain the peace achieved
through the implementation of the National Plan of Action.