ISLAMABAD, Dec 11 (APP): Despite harsh criticism and tall claims of the opposition parties to clean sweep, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz thwarted all designs of the adversaries and foiled the myths of incumbency factors by bagging thumping victory in all three phases of the local government elections in Punjab.

The opposition parties including the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, Pakistan Muslim League-Q, Pakistan Peoples Party and Jamat-e-Islami had been flexing their muscles to turn public opinion against the PML-N by propagating against government policies an analytical report revealed on Friday.

In clear violation of the Election Commission of Pakistan’s code of conduct, the PTI chief had addressed the public gatherings in different cities to woo the public support for his party, but all in vain.

Some pseudo political pundits had predicted the ouster of the PML-N government on basing their assumption on the defeat in local government polls but they were left embarrassed when the people of Pakistan used their right of vote in favor of the PML-N.

Besides wining the seats in its strongholds, the PML-N also gave upsets to the opposition parties in the constituencies having MNAs and MPAs from the adversary parties.

Even the opposition’s propaganda that the government has slashed the powers of local bodies could not work.

PML-N emerged once again as leading party in Punjab by securing maximum seats.

PML-N also got appropriate share from Malir District and South district of the Karachi.

Pakistan Muslim League (N) has also got majority in first ever local government elections in Federal Capital by grabbing 232 seats and out of them 20 Seats of Chairman and 20 Vice Chairman, 99 General Members, 34 Women, 22 Peasant/worker, 21 youth and 16 seats of Non-Muslim.

The Election Commission of Pakistan has also declared the election better than the 2013 general election based on trained workers as well as strict security measures which helped maintain peace and transparency during the polling process.

The polls in Punjab and Sindh were held in three phases-on October 31, November 19 and December 5. The local bodies elections in Islamabad were held on November 30.