Law minister urges Opposition to not oppose Anti-Rape bill in NA

ISLAMABAD, Jun 03 (APP): Federal Minister for Law and Justice Barrister Dr Farogh Naseem on Thursday urged the opposition parties to not oppose the Anti-Rape bill during its passage in the National Assembly.

Talking to media after approval of Anti-Rape bill and three others bills from the National Assembly, Dr Farogh said that the anti-rape bill was drafted after hard work.

Talking about the approval of the bills, the minister said that the bill had been extensively researched, with the help of laws from the United States, the United Kingdom, and European countries.

He said that lawyers and women’s rights organizations were also consulted in the process of drafting the bill.

Dr Farogh Naseem said that the bill was drafted after considering the ground realities of Pakistan, the anti-rape bill was being appreciated all over the world today, therefore the opposition was requested to not oppose the bill in National Assembly.

He said that the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has taken action against women’s rights by opposing the bill and they could themselves explained their point of view.

He asked the political party if it did not want less rape cases.He said that the support of opposition member Mahmood Bashir Work meant that the bill was valid.

He said that since the introduction of Article 140A during the rule of former President Pervez Musharraf, all the provinces have been in turmoil.

The federal law minister said that the culprit involved would be chemically castrated, after serving a life sentence, when the rapist commits the crime again, he would be punished with chemical castration.

Barrister Farogh Naseem said that a sub-committee should be formed on how to distribute resources fairly to the lower class in consultation with the provinces. All efforts in this regard should be made by consensus, he added.

Regarding the NAB Amendment Bill, Dr Farogh Naseem said that under the said Bill, re-appointment of the Prosecutor General would be possible after completion of his tenure.
He said that there was no political interference in the NAB amendment bill.