APP41-15 ISLAMABAD: October 15 - Federal Minister For Law And Justice, Barrister Dr. Muhammad Farogh Naseem chairs a meeting regarding Child Pornography And Abandoned Babies at the Law Ministry. APP

ISLAMABAD, Oct 15 (APP):Federal Minister for Law and Justice chaired a meeting to discuss child protection legislation and measures to be taken for curbing crimes against children, use of Drugs at Schools, effective prevention of child pornography and protection of abandoned babies.

The meeting was attended by the Minister for Human Rights, Parliamentary Secretary for Law and Justice, Ms. Maleeka Ali Bukhari, and representatives of the Ministry of Narcotics Control and Law and Justice.

According to the spokesman, various child protection laws were discussed in the meeting and it was resolved that urgent action was required to ensure effective implementation of the existing laws.

Dr Shireen Mazari shared steps taken at the Human Rights Division including framing of draft rules for rehabilitation of children.

She pointed out that the National Commission for Rights of children has also been established which is mandated with taking action for child protection.

Representative from the Narcotics Control Ministry informed that draft legislation on prevention of drugs at school is pending before the Standing Committee of the Assembly.

He also pointed out that the National Anti-Narcotics Policy-2019 provides for treatment, care, rehabilitation and social integration of drug addicts.

The Minister for Law and Justice required the concerned quarters to provide updated position and the same would be then shared with the Prime Minister of Pakistan the Cabinet for necessary directions.