ISLAMABAD June 21 (APP): Minister of State for
Interior Baleeghur Rehman on Tuesday said kidnapping of the son
of Chief Justice Sindh High Court is a challenge for
security institutions and the government is taking this
matter very seriously.

Speaking in a private news channel program, the minister
said, security institutions are investigating the matter and
the provincial administration was in constant contact with the Chief Justice. “It is a high level crime and the government is looking into its motives as by the time it is not clear either it was personal enmity or kidnapping for ransom.”

He however claimed that situation had improved in Karachi
and crime rate had dropped whether it was kidnapping, robbery
or dacoity.

Answering a question, Baleeghur Rehman said, Interior
Ministry is continuously endeavoring to improve the security
system within the country and at our borders. “We have shown
zero tolerance on Torkham border management and have reminded
the Afghan government that if borders are not better managed,
both the government would continue blaming each other for cross border crimes.”

He said operation against extremists and mafia in Fata,
Balochistan and Karachi has generated desired results and the
crimes rate had declined phenomenally. “Although criminals are not completely wiped out but their activities have been restricted to a visible level.”

He also mentioned to laws like Anti Terrorist Act and
Protection of Pakistan Bill and said, implementation of National
Action Plan has also helped control extremist activities and
crime rate.

Answering a question about reservation of some
PML N Parliamentarians about attitude of couple of cabinet members,
he said, having reservation of issues is beauty of democracy and
this move of our parliamentarians would help us better understand
issues and resolve them.

On the issue of atrocities against women, he regretted the
incident of burning women alive in different parts of the country
and said, the government was ready for further legislation on
these issues.

“There are already strict laws and the court should punish
the culprits. Even if more strict laws were required the
government was ready for it.”

He said these incidents are not Islamic but social and
reflect one specific social mindset. Therefore, the government
has enacted laws to curb this mindset and curriculum is also
being amended to educate people on these incidents.