ISLAMABAD, Jan 27 (APP):President of Jammu and Kashmir Salvation Movement, Altaf Ahmed Butt has appreciated the Kashmiris living on both sides of Line of Control and around the world for observing India’s Republic Day as Black Day.

Altaf Ahmed Butt said that India had no right to celebrate its Republic Day till the demilitarisation of Indian troops from the occupied territory, Kashmir Media Service reported. “Modi’s government with its Hindutva philosophy has strangled Kashmir and is using pre-planned methods to suppress the aspirations of Kashmiri people for freedom”.

He said that Narendra Modi, Ajit Dowal and Amit shah would fail in their designs, and Kashmir would be liberated soon as a result of unprecedented sacrifices given by the brave Kashmiri people.

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He lauded the announcement by Prime Minister Imran Khan for asking the people to come out for solidarity with besieged people of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir on 5th February.

Altaf Ahmed Bhat appealed to international community to intervene and help save the people of IOJK from the clutches of India.