Kashmir liberation top priority, desire of every Pakistani: Pervaiz Rashid

ISLAMABAD, July 28 (APP): Minister for Information,
Broadcasting and National Heritage Senator Pervaiz Rashid
Thursday said the liberation of Kashmir from Indian occupation  is the top priority and desire of every Pakistani and the  government’s stance on the issue is reflective of people’s wishes and aspirations.

He was addressing the participants of a seminar
titled “Solution of Kashmir issue – Role of Pakistan and
international community to prevent Indian terrorism,”
organized by the Islamabad District Bar Association to
express solidarity with the people of Occupied Kashmir.

Pervaiz Rashid said that Pakistan will continue to extend political, moral and diplomatic support to the people of Kashmir.

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, he said had rendered many sacrifices as compared to others for the
Kashmir cause and his services could not be ignored.

It was the credit of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif that  he had brought Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari  Vajpayee in Lahore in 1999, he added.

He said the Indian Prime Minister had himself declared 1999 as the year of Solution of Kashmir and  it was the success of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz  Sharif.

He said the person, who convinced the Indian  Prime Minister to resolve the Kashmir issue was  handcuffed, kept in jails of Attock and Landhi and  sent on forced exile.

Contrary to the PML-N leadership’s efforts, dictator Musharraf had inked an agreement with Indian Prime Minister, describing the freedom movement of Kashmir ‘terrorism’ using the words that Pakistan would not allow its soil to carry out terrorism activities in Kashmir. “No body asked any questions to him,” he regretted.

He said during his speech in the General Assembly Session of United Nations, Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz asked the international community to play their role for the solution of Kashmir issue.

“The whole nation irrespective of political affiliation is standing by the people of Kashmir.”

He said Muhammad Nawaz Sharif tried to solve the  Kashmir issue while the dictators always put the Kashmir  issue on back-burner. Dictator Pervez Musharraf had  damaged the Kashmir cause, he added.

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He said questioned that how a country could be a strong advocate of the Kashmir in the presence of weak economy, terrorism and load-shedding. “The government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had overcome all the issues and all the international financial institutions are appreciating the Pakistan’s flourishing economy,” he added .

Pervaiz Rashid said Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves had reached the record highest level of $23 billion. While, in 2008 people were predicting that Pakistan was moving towards bank-default.

“Today Pakistan’s economy, load-shedding and  law and order is much better if compared to past,”  the minister remarked.

He said all the credit of Pakistan development should go to Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

He said the terrorists, who took lives of innocent people, could not be pardoned. So, the PM initiated the process to take terrorists to their final destination  as he was committed to get rid of the menace of terrorism, he added.

The minister said the PML-N leader had gathered all the political parties at one platform against terrorism so that the country could get rid of the menace and start moving on the path of progress and prosperity.

He said Pakistan is the party to the Kashmir  ssue and advocate of the people of Kashmir.

He said the Prime Minister is busy in the process of making Pakistan strong to fight the case of Kashmir in a more effective manner.

Under the dynamic leadership of Nawaz Sharif, he said Pakistan was moving towards the development, adding
the strong, peaceful and prosperous Pakistan was vital
to resolve the longstanding issue of Kashmir.

He said Pakistan would continue to support people of Kashmir in their indigenous movement of right to self-determination till the Kashmir was not liberated from the Indian yoke.

In 1999, the minister said, Nawaz Sharif achieved a significant development to bring the Kashmir issue to its logical end, but a dictator sabotaged it.

He said the Kashmir is dear to every Pakistani, even more than their lives.

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He asked all bars, chambers, universities and colleges to arrange seminars on the Kashmir issue to expose the massive human rights violations and atrocities being committed by the brutal Indian  forces in Occupied Kashmir.

He said in the coming days, more voices in the favour of Kashmir and against Indian atrocities will  be raised.

He underlined the need for awakening the conscience  of the international community to take notice of the plight  of people of Kashmir and play role in giving them their legitimate right of self-determination.

The minister said India had been objecting that why Pakistan was standing by the people of Kashmir and voicing for their rights, but she was ignorant that Pakistan and world had the right to stand against injustice wherever it surfaced.

He said the role of politician in development of the motherland should be acknowledged.

He said that commitment with the Kashmir cause should be the top priority of very one, adding that stable and strong Pakistan could fight the Kashmir case in a more effective manner.

The minister said the All Parties Conference (APC) was called to evolve consensus to start the decisive operation against terrorists, challenging writ of the state and carrying out subversive activities.

Recently, he said two Jawans were martyred in Karachi, who were performing their duties to maintain law and order.

He said the Kashmir issue and cricket are two different things as earlier is based on the principles and the later is just a sports. “There is a clear difference between the principle and game.”

He said that commitment with the Kashmir cause should be the top priority of very one, adding that stable and strong Pakistan could fight the Kashmir  case in a more effective manner.

He questioned that how a country could be a strong advocate of the Kashmir in the presence of  weak economy, terrorism and load-shedding.

“The government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif  had overcome all the issues and all the international  financial institutions are appreciating the Pakistan’s  flourishing economy,” he said.