ISLAMABAD, Oct 23 (APP): Health experts have advised dengue patients
to use fresh seasonal juices and lemon grass tea as repellent to avert the disease.
“Dengue is a viral disease and its better treatment is use of fresh
juices and lemon grass and mint plant,” said Director Health Services, Dr Hassan Urooj, talking to PTv news.
Dr Urooj said, as there is no specific medicine or vaccination for
dengue, it can be better treated by using juices and lemon grass while people should also grow mint plant and merry gold flower in their houses to help boost immunity for fighting the virus.
He quoted a recent research by the young doctors in Rawalpindi and
Islamabad and said, dengue patients should use papaya, pomegranate, lemon,
pineapple and guava, garlic, ginger juices and as they carry neutral
components and vitamins C which help cure dengue on a faster pace.
He said dengue situation in Rawalpindi, Multan, Lahore, Karachi,
Khyber Pakhtunkhaw is worrisome and mostly the affectees are children and women.
Dr Hassan appreciated Holy Family hospial for better dengue treatment
as it has the latest equipments and a standard operating procedure (SOP) relating to receiving and handling of the dengue patients.
He said dengue virus has two aspects one is pre-plan strategy and
other is after dengue attack, and added, we should use winter as a window period to clean dengue remains from affected places to stop recurrence in upcoming summer.
He said CDA has identified garbage and water blockage areas, broken
roads and places where larva of the dengue could flourish in summer also planning an action to repair and clean these sites of dengue larvae.
He said there are four kinds of viral infection of dengue which are
different from each other and their vaccination are also not effective for each other so the experts are working on making one joint vaccine to be used for all the four kinds of dengue virus.
He added there is no specific antibiotic for curing dengue virus
patient except to shift the patient to the hospital timely.