Joint efforts imperative to achieve SDGs targets: Pervaiz Ashraf

Joint efforts imperative to achieve SDGs targets: Pervaiz Ashraf

ISLAMABAD, Jul 27 (APP): Speaker National Assembly of Pakistan Raja Pervaiz Ashraf on Wednesday urged to make joint efforts to achieve the targets set under Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Addressing the “National Meet on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030, the Speaker National Assembly said that Pakistan has affirmed its commitment to the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development by adopting SDGs through unanimous Resolution in 2016.

He said that COVID-19 has been a major setback for the global economy and our prosperity. He said that the COVID-19 pandemic is transforming how we think about our economies and our societies.

He added sincere efforts will be critical to ensure a green, resilient, and inclusive recovery from the pandemic.

He said that there are several factors affecting the implementation of the SDGs, which include but are not limited to climate change, health, economic growth, poverty, gender inequality and socio-economic challenges.

According to the Sustainable Development Goal Index ranking 2021, Pakistan ranked 129th out of 165 countries, with an overall score of 58 per cent, mainly for its progress on one of the 17 goals – climate action, he added.

He said that given the interdependent nature of the SDGs, national governance for the SDGs can only be effective when in accord with global governance for sustainability. “Pakistan is a developing country where millions of people go to sleep without having a meal.

We must join hands to ensure no one, especially children – are deprived of essential nutrients, which directly hinders their growth.”

He said that deteriorating health conditions in Pakistan with little to no access to health care services is yet another issue and as legislators it is our responsibility to provide equal and quality health services to all.

He said that Pakistan is a country that has experienced political and economic turmoil for decades. These conditions coupled with the impacts of natural disasters have made under-nutrition and malnutrition a huge concern in the country.

He said that over the past several years the country has implemented initiatives to improve food security but the challenges surrounding food security still remain unaddressed at large.

“Building a world with zero hunger which can positively impact our economies, health, education, equality and social development is integral to building a better future for everyone.”

He said that Pakistan is one of the most vulnerable countries to the consequences of climatic change because of its diverse geographical and climatic features.

Pervaiz Ashraf said, “Together we must pledge to protect our environment today, to leave a better tomorrow for our future generations.” He said that it is imperative to take action and protect our climate in order to ensure sustainable development for the country.

Devising a national budget aligned with the SDGs will enable the country to prioritize all the 17 goals – in accordance with the need of our constituents and public at the lowest tier of society, he added.

He said that the formation of national accountability and governance structures required to track a nation’s progress on all global goals will also accelerate the progress on each target. He said that this event is an opportunity to devise a roadmap that empowers everyone to face the future with confidence.