ISLAMABAD, Nov 10 (APP): Press Council of Pakistan (PCP) on Thursday opined that matters such as the news story about national security fall within its jurisdiction and should have been brought before it as envisaged in the Press Council of Pakistan Ordinance.
According to a PCP press release issued here, the 13th General Council Meeting was presided over by its chairman Dr M Salah-ud-Din Mengal, and attended by Mujibur Rehman Shami, Kazi Asad Abid, Aamer Mahmood, Wamiq Zuberi, Ali Kazi, Anwar Sajdi, Ibrahim Khan, Dr. Shah
Jahan Syed, Iqbal Jaffri, Khurshid Tanweer, Nasir Zaidi, and Acting Registrar PCP Ejaz Hussain Baqri.
The minutes of the 12th General Council meeting were presented before the Council.
The meeting discussed the formation of a probe committee formed by the Federal Government on the publication of news story in the Daily Dawn in its issue of October 6, 2016. The Council unanimously resolved that this committee should not proceed against the Newspaper or its staff, and also not insist upon divulgence of its source of information in the conduct of its probe.
The Council appreciated all the efforts done by the Chairman PCP including publication of Annual Report 2015-16.