ISLAMABAD, Nov 9 (APP): The 138th birth anniversary of poet of
the East and philosopher Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal was celebrated on
Monday across the country with national zeal, fervor and enthusiasm.
Various Cultural, educational and literary organizations
arranged different programmes across the country to mark the day in
a befitting manner and pay homage to the great poet who envisioned
the idea of a separate homeland for the Muslims of subcontinent.
The newspapers published special edition and electronic channels aired
special programmes to highlight role and service of Dr Allama Iqbal for Muslims of sub-continent and getting separate homeland.
Various Intellectuals on the occassion called for propagating Allama
Muhammad Iqbal’s message of Islam to defeat militant’s ideology, who
try to impose their political agenda on the people by force.
They paid homage to one of the greatest poets and thinkers of all times.
Allama Muhammad Iqbal was born in Sialkot on November 9, 1877.
He is also recognised as national poet, and known as Muffakir-
e-Pakistan (thinker of Pakistan), Shair-e-Mashriq (poet of the east)
and Hakeemul Ummat (doctor of the Muslim ummah) and is credited with
sparking the pan-Islamic thought among Muslims of the subcontinent.
He is also considered one of the most important figures in
literature with literary works in Urdu and Persian languages.
Asrar-e-Khudi, Payam- i-Mashriq, Bang-i-Dara, Bal-i-Jibril, Zarb-i
Kalim and Armughan-e-Hijaz were amongst his best works.
Allama Iqbal is widely credited for conceiving the idea of
Pakistan and is regarded as one of the founding fathers of the
Other than thought provoking work, his works comprise
romantic and humourous poems in both Urdu and Persian languages.
Various social, political and cultural organizations held special
programmes to pay homage to the poet.
He passed away in Lahore on April 21, 1938.