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ISLAMABAD, Dec 12 (APP):Deputy Chairman Planning Commission,Sartaj Aziz on Tuesday said the international ratings agencies are
optimistic about Pakistan’s economic performance and predicting Pakistan to emerge as one of the fast
growing economies in the world in upcoming years.
Deputy Chairman Planning Commission,Sartaj Aziz expressed these views while addressing a conference
on “Redefining prosperity paths in changing global economy: opportunities and challenges for Pakistan”
organized by Pakistan Society of Development Economists (PSDE).
Sartaj Aziz said that the Real GDP growth was 5.3% in 2016-17 which is highest in last 9 years due to
improvements in energy supply along with security situation, two key bottlenecks which were holding
back the performance of the economy.
Pakistan’s economy has seen noticeable turnaround in last four years as a result of cumulative impact
of macroeconomic and structural reform program.
As a result deficit from 8% in 2012-13 to below 5% in 2016-17 and brought inflation to a single
He also said that Pakistan successfully executed USD 1 billion five years Sukuk and USD 1.5 billion
ten years Eurobond transactions at a profit rate of 5.625% and 6.875% respectively and this reflects
the confidence of global investors in Pakistan’s economy.
In redefining paths for the future Sartaj Aziz said it is important to carefully analyze the dramatic changes
that are taking place in the world economy as economic dynamism has shifted from advanced economies
to emerging markets.
Quoting example of Chinese economy, he said China is re-balancing its economy from manufacturing
to services, investments to consumption, from exports to domestic services and this means slower
but more sustainable growth path.
Moreover, the major economic powers including US and European Union are facing structural issues
of aging populations, growing debts, weak financial institutions and global financial crisis which has
brought about a shift in policies that will allow a greater role to the public sector in steering the
national economies.
The Deputy Chairman said due to rapid transformation of the global economic order, it is necessary
for Pakistan to reposition itself in the world economy and Pakistan’s outlook for economic growth is
favorable due to CPEC investments, improved availability of energy, and growth supporting-supporting
structural reforms.
He further said Pakistan possesses fundamental advantages that can be harnessed to prepare the
economy for leadership role in global economy by becoming a regional food basket and an
engineering hub.
Sartaj said that now under CPEC there is great potential for industrial and agricultural development as
both sectors are major contributors to Pakistan’s GDP. Moreover, nine Special Economic Zones along
with CPEC routes would help both sectors to increase their productivity as per their potential.
Sartaj Aziz in his concluding remarks said “We need political stability, national unity and a sound
macroeconomic policy framework to take full advantage of the opportunities.”
Earlier in his presidential address, Dr. Asad Zaman, President PSDE and Vice Chancellor
PIDE, said that the global financial crisis of 2007 showed that there is something seriously
wrong with the old economy.
He said these problems have even been recognized by the leading economists of the world.
He said that the problem started when morality was dropped from economics although, initially,
economics was a moral science.

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