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International Museum Day marked on Saturday

ISLAMABAD, May 18 (APP): The International Museum Day was celebrated in Pakistan on Saturday, like across the globe, to disseminate public awareness about the role of museums in preservation of the rich cultural legacy of nations.

The day was marked under the theme, “Museums for Education and Research” which underscores the essential role of museums as cultural institutions that provide comprehensive educational experiences and support research initiatives.

Public and private departments arranged a variety of events including seminars, conferences and discussion programmes to highlight the significance of the day.

In order to mark the International Museum Day, Pakistan Museum for Natural History (PMNH) offered free entry to its galleries on Saturday.

Among others, the Taxila Museum celebrated International Museum Day with a variety of special activities and offerings.

The museum opened its doors for free to all visitors, providing an opportunity for everyone to explore its extensive collection without any admission fee. In addition to free entry, the museum organized complimentary guided tours, where knowledgeable guides shared insights and stories about the artifacts and exhibits, enriching the visitors’ experience.

The event attracted a diverse crowd, including families, students, and history enthusiasts, who enjoyed the chance to learn more about the ancient city of Taxila, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its archaeological significance.

The museum’s exhibits include an impressive array of Gandhara art, ancient coins, jewelry, and other relics that depict the region’s rich cultural and historical heritage.

Museums, as invaluable repositories of artistic, cultural, historical, traditional and fascinating artefacts, offer a wealth of knowledge and insight and play a vital role in educating people about their nation’s art, architecture, culture, history and civilisation.

Many artefacts housed in museums are open to the public, providing valuable insights into the lifestyles, tools and creations of ancient civilisations.

The inaugural ceremony of International Museum Day was organised in 1977 by ICOM, following the adoption of a resolution aimed at creating an annual event to unite the creative efforts of museums and raise global awareness about their activities.

Since then, museums worldwide have been invited to participate in IMD each year, promoting their role through events and activities aligned with the annual theme.

The tradition of adopting an annual theme began in 1992, with the introduction of an international poster by ICOM in 1997, which was embraced by 28 countries that year.

The establishment of International Museum Day by the International Council of Museums aims to unite museums globally and emphasize their significant role in raising awareness, fostering understanding, and promoting the appreciation of diverse cultures.


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