Interior Minister pays tribute to Pakistan’s heroes on Defence Day

Interior Minister pays tribute to Pakistan's heroes on Defence Day

ISLAMABAD, Sep 06 (APP): On the occasion of Defence Day, Interior Minister Sarfraz Ahmed Bugti on Wednesday paid tribute to the unwavering dedication and valor exhibited by Pakistan’s armed forces.

In a message addressed to the nation, he highlighted the historic achievements of the nation’s courageous sons who fearlessly confronted the adversary, etching a luminous chapter in history.

The minister offered a solemn salute to the martyrs who rendered the ultimate sacrifice for the homeland.

He acknowledged that Pakistan currently faces multifaceted challenges, including the pressing issues of extremism and terrorism.

He conveyed his unshakable faith in Pakistan’s armed forces, emphasizing their steadfast commitment to safeguarding the nation from both internal and external threats.

Bugti underlined the unity of the nation, asserting that the Pakistani people stand with their valiant armed forces, united in their determination to thwart any nefarious designs targeting the integrity and progress of the country.

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