Country making remarkable progress in all areas: President

ISLAMABAD, Nov 24 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain Tuesday said with the institution of Federal Ombudsman having vital role, it was the constitutional responsibility of the government to ensure the provision of quick and inexpensive justice to citizens.
The President expressed these views while addressing the inaugural session of the 14th Conference of Asian Ombudsman Association (AOA) held here at the Aiwan-e-Sadr.
The two-day conference being attended by delegates from
different Asian countries including China, Iran, Indonesia,
Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Tatarstan, Hong Kong, Timor Leste,
Vietnam, Macau, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Turkey, Bahrain and Azerbaijan
will focus on the theme “Challenges of Ombudsmanship”.
Federal Ombudsman, M. Salman Faruqui and Chief Ombudsman of
Thailand, Professor Siracha Vongsarayankura also addressed the
inaugural session.
The President said Pakistan has undertaken new and fresh steps
aimed at the redressal of public grievances, notable among them, the
creation of Federal Advisory Committee.
The Committee was paying special attention to the timely
resolution of problems faced by the oversees Pakistanis and by
public servants who have retired after long years of government
service, he added.
The President said as the care and upbringing of children
deserves a very special attention in any society, the government, in
view of this very important national obligation has established the
National Commission for Children.
He was firm in the belief that with the passage time the
Commission will render invaluable service.
Apart from this measure, the President said, a number of
Standing Committees have also been established by the Federal
Ombudsman to identify systemic problems in the public domain and to
recommend ways and means for continuous improvement in the working
of state institutions,
He believed that the implementation of their proposals will
foster the dispensation of quick and inexpensive justice for all.
The President said it was an acknowledged fact the world over
that the general public looks towards their governments for the
resolution of their problems.
“However, should the governments, for any reason, fall short of public expectations, then this creates despair”, he remarked.
The President said public complaints may differ in terms of
their origin, history, cultural, economical and political aspects
etc., adding, however, since they all relate directly to public
problems there is a similarity and linkage among them.
“This is a challenge to the institution of the Ombudsman which
this important institution is required to meet. This conference
should provide you a good opportunity to address this challenge,” he
The President called upon the participants of AOA conference
to take advantage of this opportunity to share each other’s
experiences and to deliberate on these questions with the purpose of
framing effective proposals.
“Your efforts and endeavours in this behalf shall always be remembered,” he maintained.