India’s growing cruelty, tyranny in IIOJK exposed its sham claims over religious harmony: FM

ISLAMABAD, Sep 1 (APP): Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi Tuesday said that India was committing worst kind of atrocities, tyranny and violence against the innocent people of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), which also exposed its sham claims over religious tolerance.

In a press statement, the foreign minister said the Muharram processions in IIOJK were not allowed and later, the participants were subjected to violence and arrested. Pellet guns were also used against the mourners.

The foreign minister said on the occasion of Eid, the mosques were closed and now during the observance of Muharram, unprecedented incidents of cruelty and tyranny were witnessed.

β€œSuch a gloomy scenario in IIOJK has angered the whole Muslim Ummah,” he added.
Qureshi urged the international human rights organizations, civil society and especially the international media to raise their collective voices over such grave situation.

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The foreign minister said that Pakistan had been very effectively raising the issue of human rights’ violations in IIOJK at all global fora.

β€œI have already apprised the whole world of the Indian aggressive designs in very expressive manner,” the press release quoted the minister as saying.

He said during the coronavirus pandemic, which was spreading at rapid speed, the worst kind of atrocities and aggression continued against the innocent people of IIOJK. The Indian government was mishandling the pandemic.

The minister further said that during his visit to China on August 21, he held meeting with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi. Wang Yi apprised him about the Ladakh situation, illegal Indian steps and the measures taken by China in its defence.

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China has a clear viewpoint and has confidence in its armed forces whereas on the other hand, India had false claims, he said.

India tried to stir a conflict in the area but had to flee after leaving behind bodies of its soldiers, he said.

Qureshi also thanked the nation, ulema and scholars from different schools of thought for showing solidarity and tolerance during Muharram ul Haram and foiling the nefarious designs of the mischievous elements.