ISLAMABAD, Jul 13 (APP): Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Syed Tariq Fatemi Wednesday said the recent wave of Indian oppression against an indigenous Kashmiris’ struggle for self-determination is a blatant violation of the international declarations.

He said such repressive policies would further aggravate
the volatile situation in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK)
and would add to the sense of frustration and desperation
among the Kashmiris looking for leeway for pent up feelings.

In an interview with the PTV, the Special Assistant said
the international community did not recognize such despotic
and inhuman measures which were violative of fundamental

Imposition of ‘peace of the dead’ could not quell the legitimate determined Kashmiri struggle for freedom launched against the foreign occupied forces in the valley, he added.

Fatemi reiterated Pakistan’s political and diplomatic
support for the cause of Kashmir liberation, saying that Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had already strongly projected the issue at the world fora, reminding the international community to fulfill its responsibility.

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He said the staunch stance of the Prime Minister and the
PML-N government on the Kashmir issue had been prominently figured in the foreign policy.

To a query, he said the international community
recognized struggle by the sons and daughters of the IOK as a national movement for freedom and self determination and
equating it with terrorism was a failed ploy by the Indian

Pakistan had been an integral party to the core issue
and presenting it as an internal issue by the Indian rulers
was an attempt to hoodwink the international community, he said.

Contrary to it, the Indian leaders had always acknowledged the issue and the UN resolutions which was reflected from their statements from time to time, he added.

Fatemi further elaborated that during delegation level talks between both countries, Indian Occupied Kashmir issue
had been always at the center of parleys.

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Moreover, the large presence of Indian occupied forces
in the valley and the botched attempt by the Indian rulers to
impose a legislation over the disputed territory exposed their
hollow claims, he added.

He maintained that Burhan Wani was a part of such long
struggle for freedom from the Indian occupational forces.

The US State department had also voiced its concern over
the human rights situation in IOK, he added.

To another query, Fatemi said the international community recognized Pakistan’s sacrifices in the war on terror.

None of the country in the world had suffered such colossal damage and mobilized its military and law enforcement agencies against the curse of terrorism like Pakistan, he

To a question, PM’s Special Assistant said that Pakistan
was committed to durable peace in Afghanistan through a
dialogue process.