India warned of turning AJK into the graveyard of her army if Delhi attempted any misadventure against Pakistan, AJK

MIRPUR (AJK): Aug 15 (APP):Speakers at a mass anti-India black day rally in AJK’s capital town on Thursday categorically warned India that people of Azad Jammu and Kashmir would turn AJK the graveyard of the Indian troops if Delhi attempted to launch any aggression against Pakistan or Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

Kashmiris at both sides of Line of Control (LoC) and across the globe observed Indian Independence Day as black day on Thursday to convey to the international community that since India continues to deny them, at gun point, their inalienable right to self-determination, the world should immediately move to take stringent action against increased aggressive Indian posture in the region and planned genocide of Kashmiris in the strife-torn Indian held Jammu & Kashmir State.

Protest rallies and demonstrations were held throughout Azad Jammu and Kashmir to condemn India for constantly denying Kashmiris birth right to self determination besides to apprise the external world of the India’s ongoing worst reign of state terrorism making people of occupied state besiege for past eleven days at gun point of her 900,000 military and para-military troops.

People including representatives of political, social and religious organizations, lawyers, traders, civil servants, Kashmiri refugees, journalists, students and all walks of life participated in the black day’s processions and rallies.

Participants of the protest rallies wore black-bands around their arms as a sign of hatred against India. Black flags were also hoisted at houses, shops and other public spots to condemn Indian nefarious designs against people of Occupied Kashmir.