India should come out from war madness: Ahsan

ISLAMABAD, Sep 29 (APP): Minister for Planning Development and Reforms, Ahsan Iqbal here Thursday called upon the India to come out from war madness and adopt development hysteria for elevating poverty, illiteracy and hunger in the South Asian region.

Addressing a Post-China Visit press conference here, he said
that the government and people of Pakistan were constantly
monitoring the warmongering attitude of Indian government and were ready to give a befitting response to the enemy in case of any aggression or war with the country.

He regretted the Indian government attitude by not attending the SAARC meeting which was scheduled to be held in November this year in Islamabad as the Pakistan was the host country of the SAARC summit.

He stressed the need for strengthening the SAARC platform for the common good of the people of the entire region, instead of politicizing the forum for ulterior motives.

Ahsan Iqbal said that India should understand that both
Pakistan and Indian were the nuclear powers and any escalation of the tension would be detrimental to both of the countries.

India should behave like a responsible nuclear state and
should also realize the consequences of war between the countries.

He said that Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) has denied
the so called Indian claims of surgical strikes on Pakistani soil,
adding that Pakistan and its armed forces were ready all the
time to thwart any nefarious designs of India.

Highlighting his recent official visit to China, he said that
leadership of both the countries were fully satisfied with the
progress of mega China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project.

He said that short-term projects under CPEC would be completed by 2020, medium term projects to be completed by 2025, where as long term projects to be harvested by 2030.

The completion of energy development projects would enhance the industrial cooperations between both the countries and open new ways for economic development, he added.

The minister said both the countries were agreed to hold 6th
meeting of joint economic council (JCC) in last week of November,

besides organizing the meeting of joint working groups to review progress in different projects of infrastructure development and energy generations.

The 6th JCC would also accord approval for the long-term
planing for different projects under CPEC by 2030, adding that consultation with provincial governments are also finalizing, he added.

The work on western route was in progress with full force and by the December this year missing link between Gwadar and Quetta would restore, which would also link Gwadar with Afghanistan and Central Asian States.

The government has also prepared a master plan in
collaboration with China for the development of Gwadar and Prime Minister had also given approval for the installation of a power generation plant and water plant to overcome water issues.

He said China has agreed to provide US$ 5.5 concessional loan for the up gradation of Karachi-Peshawar rail track which would enhance the speed from 80 km per hour to 160 km per hour.

The minister said that developmental projects under CPEC worth US$ 18 billion were on implementation stage, where as projects valuing US$ 17 billion were in pipeline.

He said the multi billion dollars deal would equally benefit
all areas of the country as the project has made the country an investment hub for all the world.